St. Petersburg will open the window to the world

Construction of a Sea Passenger Terminal is expected to start within the third quarter of the current year on the Vassil'evsky Island in St. Petersburg. The project implies building of a new, as a matter of fact, port having seven berths of a total length of 2 km for reception and servicing passenger cruise ships and ferries. Large passenger ships 200 to 300 m long of the "Millennium" and "Grand Princess" class will be able of calling the port. Capacity of the port will amount to 1.2 mil passengers. Launching of a first complex comprising three berths is scheduled for 2007.

The construction will start with arranging an approach channel 10 km in length. A 8.4 km part of its line will coincide with the existing Petrovskiy Fairway which is to be reconstructed and deepened. The remaining part of the approach channel (1.6 km) will branch off from the existing fairway to the new harbour. Another project called "Development of West End of Vassil'evsky Island" including the block of the Sea Passenger Terminal and living buildings will be implemented simultaneously with the construction of the port.

This construction is highly important for the city as it plays a role of the St.-Petersburg's front sea gate. Among projects submitted to the contest for a best design there were not only concept sketches of the city's sea facade, but also ideas by the leading Russian architects on general site development of the new area on Vassil'evsky Island yet to be created. The most acceptable – from the architecture point of view - design was offered by the «Rezerv» Creative Production Company (Moscow).

The exterior of the Sea Passenger Terminal's Hall is seen as glass-screen building 500 m in length. The building consists of so-called panorama-sector standing on two pillars. Those pillars will accommodate a business centre and 23-storey hotel for 480 rooms. A multi-functional trading & leisure «Panorama» complex will be located at a 75 m height. Its windows and sightseeing galleries will offer wonderful views over the city and Gulf of Finland.

Construction of sea gate requires creation of a 450 hectare raised territory. This newly created dry land will jut by 500 to 800 m out into the Gulf of Finland.

As little as 46.8 hectares will be sufficient for constructing and outfitting the passenger terminal. The remaining territory will be used for the passenger hall as well as for the living blocks. Altogether this complex will form a fine-looking and festive sea facade of St. Petersburg.

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