• Vyborg settled on the Caspian coasts
    OJSC «Vyborg Shipyard» proceeded with preliminary project developments to build a new shipyard.
  • Priorities have shifted in the integration of plants
    Instead of consolidating assets they separate markets The most surprising event in Russian shipbuilding in 2005 is already known. It is the conclusion of the partner agreement between Baltiysky Zavod and Severnaya Verf. The former competitors will agree upon their marketing policy and jointly use their production facilities.
  • Control and alarm monitoring system
    The increased effectiveness of freight transportations and passenger traffic at sea and rivers is mainly connected to the reduction of the vessel exploitation costs accompanied by the providing of the safety level required.
  • Unified electric system for survey vessel with AC electric propulsive arrangement
  • «Teply Dom» SPb introduces complex approach to business development
  • Control systems and electric equipment for ships under construction and modernization


  • Prices for Vessels
    The shift of world prices for vessels will never lose its importance for the whole marine industry. This topic was discussed in our magazine last year (Maritime Market, issue № 2(8), №3(9), 2004), and we are going to address it once again upon requests of our readers in order to highlight the recent changes. The facts and figures used in our review are predominantly originating from the reports of companies P.S. Platou, Clarksons, Gibson, Poten & Partners, and the editions of Fairplay.
  • On the problems of personnel training
    A technical and research seminar took place on 25 and 26 April 2005 at the Admiral Makarov State Marine Academy on the subject: Vocational Training and Certification of the Tankers’ Personnel. It was for the first time that the representatives of major training centers gathered together.
  • On the Joint Meeting of the Representatives of the SOROSS and the RS
    A joint meeting of the working group composed of the representatives of the Union of Russian Ship-owners (SOROSS) and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) took place on 26 April 2005 in St.Petersburg. The meeting addressed the issues of joint activity on assuring compliance of sea-going ships flying Russian flag, with the requirements of safety standards of navigation and environment protection.
  • Dynamic positioning
    Dynamic positioning as a class of vessel control problems emerged in the mid 60s as a result of development of the industries related to the development of ocean resources, when the problem of holding drilling vessels at the drilling location appeared. Along with construction of special vessels able to maintain constant position under the influence of waves and wind, control systems were designed, which enabled such stable positioning. Norwegian designers were the pioneers in this field, who by that time had already been designing vessel position and heading control systems, which became the prototypes for modern automated vessel steering systems. The progress in the field of IT technologies and the experience gained in the field of designing such systems and vessel construction resulted in the possibility of installing dynamic positioning systems on a wider range of vessels. Now, it is considered reasonable to have a DP system installed on mega-yachts, cruise vessels and tankers.
  • Oil terminal - a new simulator of the Transas Marine Group
    Emergencies were and remain an inevitable companion of any oil fields and the source of pollution at all the stages of the industrial exploitation of oil-and-gas fields. Presently the accident prevention arises of especially current importance due to the intensity of the navigation, particularly, of the tanker navigation.


  • Kaliningrad Port Facilities
    The complex of port facilities of Kaliningrad Region is a unique phenomenon. Being located on the separated «island», it provides for transportation of cargos of the «great Russia». The turn-over of cargos has increased three-fold for the last three years, its potential development looks optimistic, and the up-to-date innovation and management projects are the best evidence for that.
  • OilPort-2005
  • St. Petersburg has become the Bunkering Capital of Russia
    Business representatives succeeded in outplaying the government officials when establishing the Russian Association of Bunkerers. Private bunkerers will set up the rules of the Association whose headquarters will be located in St.Petersburg.

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • The new stage of Russian Antarctic explorations
    In the beginning of May, 2005, Academic Fedorov scientific expedition ship and Academic Alexander Karpinsky research ship returned to Saint-Petersburg port from the Antarctic expedition. For over six months they had been performing research under the program of the 50th Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE). Leaving behind thousands nautical miles, South Ocean storms, drifting ices and icebergs – traditional and natural environment of any Antarctic voyage. Regardless of the anniversary, it wasn’t a celebrating voyages for the members of the expedition who concentrated on their routine activities as usual.
  • To survive tomorrow, one has to work hard today
    The problems of development of the Russian fuel and power production complex attract the attention of oil and gas producers of various countries. The reason for that is the continental shelf which is rich in hydrocarbons, and many foreign companies would like to participate in its exploration.
  • ACFM method for surface microcracks Detection: underwater and surface application
    It is hardly deniable that one of the principal concerns of marine structure and ship operators is monitoring of their technical condition. Up-to-date science is able to propose a wide range of both destructive and non-destructive test methods, however just a minority of them can be used in both environments. One of such methods is non-destructive AFCM (Alternative Current Field Measurement).

Technologies. Books. Exhibitions

  • NEVA-2005 – rich business, and scientific and technical program
    An extensive business, and scientific and technical program has been planned for the NEVA-2005 Exhibition (26th to 29th of September) that will take place this year under the aegis of the Maritime Collegium under the Government of the Russian Federation and under support of the Maritime Council of Saint-Petersburg.

Admiral's mess

  • Mystery of Goodwin-sand
  • Submarine-museum
  • 80th Anniversary of rear-admiral Ryabinin

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